Our Mission

Today, I'm still traveling around the world to discover new artisans and techniques. I am dedicated to bringing you the best products available, and I'm thrilled that our partners in Thailand, Guatemala, and Vietnam all help to create our comfortable, conscious products.


Our Inspiration

We celebrate the skill and craft of our global partners. We are dedicated to using all-natural materials crafted by artisans and cooperatives all around the globe. With a focus on quality, our mission is simple – to bring you the most comfortable products available.

Our Culture

Our products are crafted by artisans in some of the most remote villages around the world. From our weaving cooperatives in Guatemala to our natural rubber farms in Thailand and Vietnam, we have developed strong relationships with our supply partners. We celebrate their craft and culture and are dedicated to empowering their communities through fair-trade and consistent work opportunities.

Discover Natural Rubber

Discover one of the coolest natural resources – '5L' rubber, the highest quality rubber in the world. This natural resource is tapped straight from Thai rubber trees and it's what makes our shoes not only super comfy, but also eco-friendly.

Natural Rubber Harvesting

Thailand produces the highest quality rubber in the world known as '5L'. Our cooperative farmers harvest the pure, organic latex, naturally produced by rubber trees. The rubber is then processed with non-toxic dyes and fillers to achieve an ultra soft rubber sheet. Our products are then created from these premium '5L' rubber sheets, making our shoes both pillow-soft and earth friendly.