Our Story

Our journey began on an adventure through Southeast Asia where we discovered the comfort of artisan-tapped natural rubber. Feelgoodz celebrates the spirit of travel, curiosity, and getting lost in the moment. We craft premium footwear to get you around the globe, or to your favorite local spot with comfort and ease.

Feelgoodz grew from a chance encounter with a rubber farming family in Thailand over 10 years ago. We were smitten with their story, hospitality, and friendship. Today we work with traditional weavers in Punjab, India, women-led knitting villages in Nepal, rice farmers in Vietnam and natural rubber co-ops in southern Thailand.

Our Materials

We believe our products are the best of their kind, striking the perfect balance between comfort, quality, and durability. We are committed to fair trade practices and conscious sourcing to help celebrate the craft of global artisans and to produce products we are truly proud of. 

Signature Natural Rubber

Over 10 years ago, we discovered the incredible rubber tapping process of Thai artisans that gives our footwear its signature spongy comfort that feels oh-so good. Each pair starts at the rubber farm making our premium flip-flops the best of their kind and perfect for everyday wear. Plus, our process supports rubber farm co-ops and artisans in Thailand.


Sink your feet into our Zensole™ collection! Featuring premium arch support, yoga mat cushioning, and soft vegan leather uppers our Zensole™ sandals are designed for sublime comfort. Plus, our natural rubber outsoles are crafted with recycled rice husks for added traction, helping to support rice farming communities in Vietnam.

Artisan Woven Textiles

Inspired by the vibrant colors and weaving traditions of Vietnam, we collaborate with artisan communities around the globe to create one-of-a-kind woven textiles. Our design team works directly with the artisan communities who meticulously hand-dye yarns and weave on traditional looms. The process takes an incredible amount of skill and effort, but the results are stunning and provide vital economic opportunities for our rural artisan partners.

Artisan Turkish Towels

Our authentic Turkish Towels are crafted in the traditional weaving region of Bursa, Turkey and are certified with OEKO-TEX® Standard 100. The 100% cotton towels are ultra-soft, lightweight, and absorbent which make them great for everywhere you go: beach, pool, spa, yoga, gym, picnicking or traveling. 

Artisan Accessories

Our collection of globally-crafted accessories features intricate artisan weaving and dyeing details along with thoughtfully chosen materials for the perfect balance of rich colors and soft textures. Each product helps support our artisan partners and weaving communities in India. 


In 2007, the need for a new pair of flip-flops paired with an adventurer’s spirit led our founder, Kyle Berner, down a serendipitous path of discovery, friendship, and inspiration. We hope your Feelgoodz inspire your travels and take you to great destinations. Join our journey and tell us all the places your Feelgoodz take you!

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